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Road Crash

About Road Crash


Road Crash is a one-of-a-kind racing title. So far, it goes against the regulations of other races. To get bonuses, you'll try to collide with other automobiles. And you can put that money towards future races. Idle gameplay adds a fresh twist to this addictive racing game. Outrun your opponents and fill your pocket with gold by racing and outrunning them.

You'll continue to earn coins, merge cars, and develop new ones to race in. Unlocking the next car, from muscle cars to super-fast sports cars, is part of the thrill. Merging cars is an element of the game. As a result, simply pairing cars will allow you to level up and earn gold.

Tips to play Road Crash

  • To outrun your opponents, aim for maximum acceleration.
  • Hit other vehicles, but keep in mind that it will slow you down.
  • Aim for more movement; this will help you progress.
  • To earn new automobiles faster, take advantage of in-game perks.

Features of Road Crash

  • Racing game with a twist.
  • The graphics are adorable.
  • Sounds that are amusing
  • Several autos must be unlocked and merged.
  • High-octane racing with a wacky mechanic
  • The game offers generous awards on a regular basis.
  • New race zones can be unlocked in various locations across the world.

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How to play

Press AD or left and right arrows to control the car.

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