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Torque Drift

About Torque Drift


 Torque Drift is a fantastic three-dimensional driving game. Your goal is to drift to the highest score possible. Your score will be higher if you can wander for a longer period of time. You can pick between numerous control schemes under the control settings, such as using the accelerometer or the touchscreen buttons. Whatever mode you choose, the key to a good overtaking maneuver is to strike the right mix of speed, handbrake use, and direction. That is the only way you will be able to compete with the best players.

 There is a lot of stuff in Torque Drift. On one side, you have a variety of routes to choose from, including rural, closed, and metropolitan roads. On the other side, you have access to over 20 distinct vehicle kinds. You may also tweak and customize each car by changing parts, painting new colors, and more.


  • Online Multiplayer Parallel Slideshow with Real Sliding Physics.
  • A true professional snowboarding team.
  • Sponsorship from a real brand.
  • Genuine replacement parts.
  • The graphics are stunning.
  • The smoke effect is realistic.
  • Tuning the car to perfection.
  • Paintings made to order.
  • Dashboard of an automobile that has been damaged.
  • Immediate playback mode.


Drift boss

Drift Hunters

Drift Boss Math PlayGround

Drift Boss Unblocked

Zombie Drift

Crazy Drift

Arcade Car Drift

How to play

Control with arrow keys

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