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Ninja Hands


About Ninja Hands

Let's play with Ninja Hand and experience being a ninja. In this game, you will get to practice a's skills and destroy everything in your sight.

It is not fierce collisions in At the game Ninja Hands, you will experience the feeling of being a real Ninja. You will use hand gestures to create skills to attack the enemy. You can also use the skill to destroy anything as long as it is beneficial to you.

Features of Ninja Hand

  • Create hand skills
  • Fight against hiding enemies
  • Upgrade skills and skins

Collect coins to be more powerful

Remember to collect coins after each completed round. You can use this coin to buy skins and upgrade your skills. When skills are upgraded, they will be more powerful attacks. Upgrade all skills to level 3 to kill enemies faster. Besides, you should get yourself beautiful skin. There are more than 15 skins for you, choose the one that suits you best and fight with enemies

The coin earned in each round is quite small. Be patient, when you accumulate enough money to upgrade skills and skins, you will find it very worthwhile.

Play and become a real Ninja

You will be a super Ninja who masters all the complex Skills. Use skills skillfully to destroy the enemy in the fastest way. You have a lot of enemies hiding. So, you need to kill them before they kill you. Moreover, there are many people being kidnapped by your enemies, you need to rescue them.

At low levels, you will face few enemies and they are quite slow. However, at a higher level, you will face more enemies. These enemies move faster, so it requires your quick hand control.

How to control

  • Control Q, W, E, and R to create a skill
  • Use the mouse to control movement direction

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