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Rapid Rush

About Rapid Rush

Rapid Rush is an interesting car racing game you should try. Different from other car races, this game challenges your driving skills with winding roads.

Rapid Rush racing game is a no-holds-barred one-button game. The gameplay of this game is reminiscent of Drift Boss. in which you must quickly change direction by pressing the left mouse button and then releasing it to return to the original direction. Try to earn as many coins as possible. The money you earn can be used to unlock new, faster vehicles.

How to play

To move your car left or right, use the mouse or arrow keys. To react faster when encountering a problem, try to keep your vehicle in the middle of the road.

When encountering an obstacle or a curve, quickly and accurately press the left mouse button to change direction. When you need to move straight forward, you must also release the left mouse button to move in that direction.

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