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Brand new snake game

Are you a fan of the snake game? But the snake game is really fun and engaging for players. However, there are too many classic snake games that make you feel bored. If you love snake games but want to find a new one, then Cubes is a great suggestion for you. Let's play a snake game with blocks and numbers. These refreshing details are inspired by the hit 2048 game. Get started now to discover something completely new that is only available here.

How to control

Your goal is to rank high on the real-time leaderboard and try to increase your block count as much as possible. Control the direction of your snake's movement by dragging the mouse. You can collect blocks that are smaller in number than your snakes. When two blocks with the same number collide, they combine. Players with fewer numbers than you can get eaten. If your opponent's block is smaller than yours, you can also chop them and take their block. You should stay away from players with higher numbers than you, as well as the split symbols, as they will lower your numbers. Use power-ups to boost or eliminate opponents. To move quickly on the computer, hold down the left mouse button or the spacebar. On mobile phones, you can also tap on-screen buttons to move quickly.

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