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Advertisement - Intense Car Battles Among Racers is the most popular car and racing game. Here, a race on the rooftop takes place with many other car rivals. Let's rush into them to eliminate them.

Racing games are too familiar for online game enthusiasts. Driving games often bring thrills and thrills. For example, you can experience the stress of trying to navigate your car on dangerous roads in the Drift Boss game. However, this is a single-player game. If you want to experience driving with multiplayer, you can join the game. This game is designed for many players at the same time. In particular, you can also participate in intense battles while driving supercars. Let's start the game and enjoy it now!

In order to enjoy the game, you should learn the main functions on the home screen first. First, you can type your name to distinguish yourself from other players. Enter a name according to your taste and personality. Below the name box, there is a red Play button where you start a new match. Next, you can select cars. There are various free cars available. Their colors are varied. You can choose any car you want. Finally, you can select levels with different maps. There is a default level. You can play on this map as you please. However, the levels after that you need to unlock to play.

How to play the game

In races, the rivalry between racers is common, but in this game, things are a little different. In this game, your main goal is to be the last one standing by pushing other players to the edge while dodging your opponent's attempt to do the same. If you fail to turn the wheel, you will be the first to fall.

Do more car accidents to earn more points. The size of your car will be increased according to the number of opponents you eliminate. Be warned that your opponent's battle cars can also fly off the roof, preventing you from completing the level. Hit and knock down vehicles more and faster if you want to be the best car kill fighter.

Tap the screen to control your car, then move the pointer around to change lanes. Both you and the players you attack will partially recover from the impact. Observe your surroundings carefully because you don't want to be left behind when trying to beat your opponent. When you kill a player, you scale up and get a point. Try to eliminate as many opponents as possible because the bigger you are, the stronger you are.

Moreover, you have a minimap on the bottom left of the screen to keep track of other players. You can see your position and the position of your opponents. The number of players on the map is available. This is a utility for players as you can take advantage of this minimap. You can look at the minimap for areas where there are many players. If you fierce want battles, you can move into that area to fight. If you want to fight slowly and safely, you can move from the edge to the center of the match. In addition, you also know your position relative to the edge of the playing screen. You should not go near these edges because you will die if you crash into them.

How to control: Slide your mouse to move.

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