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Smash Karts


Smash Karts

Smash Karts is a kart racing io game. You must drive your go-kart, pick up weaponry, and blow up other karts. Gain experience and unlock characters and prizes.

Welcome to the Smash Karts game where you can go to war with other players! Like the game, these battles will be extremely fierce to win the championship. Are you ready to join this game or not? Let's start this game and show your fighting ability!

Show off your top-notch driving skills in the game Smash Karts

This game requires players to both drive and fight with opponents. Therefore, if you can't master your steering, it will be difficult for you to win. In particular, you not only fight on straight roads but also drive on rough terrain. You may have to go up the slopes. Run over bridges or jump off platforms. Balance your kart and head to safety. If you go to war zones, you need to be mentally prepared to avoid enemy attacks. Avoiding the opponent's attack is not easy because there are too many opponents around you.

In addition, you also need to show off your driving skills like in the Drift Boss game to collect boxes. In these boxes, there are weapons. Use them to attack your opponents. Besides, there are traps along the way, you need to avoid them as far as possible.

The ability to solve situations and think tactically to fight

In this game, you will play on a battlefield with many different players. This will expose you to many unexpected situations. You have to adapt quickly and come up with the right solutions. If you can't, stay away from places with too many players. Besides, you should think of tactics to implement. If you only fight by feeling, it is very difficult for you to win. For example, you should think about where to place the traps appropriately. Select the locations with the most players to place. However, you can also be destroyed by these traps. Therefore, you should also be careful with yourself.

This game not only gives you moments of entertainment but also trains you to think. With these two great benefits, you have no reason not to play this game.

The Way to Win Smash Karts

Your task is to control the kart to collect weapons and attack other players. The more opponents you kill, the higher your score. This means you have a high ranking on the leaderboard. This game lasts 170 seconds. During this time, whoever gets the most points wins. If you die, you can respawn an unlimited number of times.

In particular, you can share the room you are playing with friends and relatives to play together. You can also create your own private room to play with the people you want.

Options in the Smash Karts game

You can customize various settings for this game. You can increase or decrease the volume of the sound. Auto-Detect quality is also available. Besides that, you can choose the graphics quality, frame rate, and camera. If you encounter any problems, you can contact the developer for recommendations. Go to Settings to do all of the above.

How to control

  • Arrows or WASD to drive.
  • Space bar to fire weapons.

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