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Slope 3


Slope 3 - Super Race with Speed

Play Slope 3 to have exciting entertaining moments with a ball. Steer your ball to run as far as possible and get the best score. Can you conquer this game?

This game offers you an ideal playing environment with platforms and slopes. However, the most outstanding thing about this game is speed. You will have to fight the speed of the ball. Control becomes difficult with the speed. The ball will roll automatically at different speeds. Controlling successfully the ball at many different speeds is when you have mastered this game. Dubbed the speed ball rolling game, this game is frequently compared to the Drift Boss game. Although the theme of the game is different, the speed factor makes these two games linked.

How to play the Slope 3 games

Like the Galaxy Slope game, in this game, your goal in Slope 3 is to guide the ball through the obstacles without coliding with the red walls. You must concentrate while guiding the gravity ball to prevent it from crashing or falling into the abyss; else, you will lose. Make the gravity ball travel the greatest distance possible. Gravity surroundings are a unique aspect of this game. Slope 3, unlike other endless runner games, provides a genuine gaming experience. As you have the ball under your control, it will roll downhill faster and slow down when it comes into contact with obstacles along the path.

This demonstrates that avoiding obstacles by pressing the left and right arrows will not win you the game. You must keep the ball moving at a constant speed. That is the key to this game's success.

Other challenges when you play the running game

This game gives you a lot of difficulties. You have to fight not only gravity and speed but also obstacles and platforms. In terms of obstacles, you will face red blocks. If you crash into these blocks, your ball will break. The game will end and you need to replay this game. In particular, these blocks are movable. They move from side to side, from top to bottom. The further you run, the higher the difficulty of the game. The density of the occurrence of blocks is more. Besides, you will have to pass the tunnels. On both sides of the tunnel, there are red walls. This is the dead zone. Don't touch it if you don't want to die.

Besides that, in terms of platforms, you will also face many challenges. The race track of this game is the platform. These platforms slope to make the ball move. However, the slope is not enough. These platforms also come in different sizes. You can move across big platforms in a second ago. In the next second, you had to jump to a small platform the size of your ball. This requires the quick reflexes of the players. You need to stay calm and handle the appropriate situation. If you get caught by surprise and can't keep your cool, it's easy to game over.

How to control: Use arrow keys.

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