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Drive Mad 2


About Drive Mad 2

Welcome to the truck driving game called Drive Mad 2! In this game you will experience the feeling of being a truck driver. Control your car to overcome obstacles. Random slopes, obstacle mazes, and suspension bridges are some of your obstacles. You must make an effort to keep the car moving at a steady speed and maintain balance to be able to pass them. At the same time, avoid collisions or falls from cliffs. You can also accelerate faster or destroy other vehicles using special skills. The 3D graphics and vivid sounds in the game provide a fun and engaging gaming experience.


Use the arrow keys or WASD to move the vehicle

Click to activate the necessary skills.


Maintaining vehicle speed and balance is important to prevent collisions and falls from cliffs. You will lose points and have to restart if you crash or fall.

To speed up or destroy other cars, you should apply unique abilities. You can use nitro for quick acceleration or rockets to ram other vehicles. Additionally, you can create multiple smaller, harder-to-catch vehicles using the division skill.

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