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Drift Hunters Max


Drift Hunters Max takes the drifting experience to a new level with more stunning tracks and cars. In this game, players can select among different cars, and tracks, buckle up, and drift!

Game rules

The game is a variation of Drift Hunters game. It offers a wide selection of cars and tracks compared to the original version.

Select and customize your car

First, select the car of your dreams. There are different cars with different specifications to choose from. The AE86 is completely free while other cars cost a certain amount of money. You start with $25000 on your budget. You can use it to buy a new car or upgrade the car's performance. The most expensive car is the PS13. It costs $160000. You can also buy even more powerful cars with Titanium or Carbon VIP.

Besides, you can also customize your car and paint it with different colors. You can change the color of the body and wheels.

Don't forget to upgrade the car performance and tune the setup.

Select a track

Once you've completed customizing your car, it's time to choose the race.

You can select from different locations including Ocean City, New Zealand, Countryside, Akagi, Ohio, Fog mountain, Icefield, Fukushima, Nevada, Karting Loop, Container Yard, Barcelona, Waterfront. These places can be playgrounds, touges, or racetracks.

Show off your drifting skills

Now get behind the wheel, control your car, drift, and earn the maximum multipliers. Try not to crash to get perfect combos. The game has impressive physics and that fulfill driving experience.


  • 37 new cars
  • 12 stunning tracks
  • Upgraded graphics and physics
  • Ultimate drifting experience
  • In-depth car tuning

How to play

  • Use the Up arrow or W for gas.
  • Use the Down arrow or S to brake.
  • Use the Left arrow or A to steer left.
  • Use the Right arrow or D to steer right.
  • Use the Spacebar for handbrake or e-brake.
  • Press the left Shift to shift gear up.
  • Press the left Ctrl to shift gear down.

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