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Moto Boss

Moto Boss is a driving game inspired by the Drift Boss game. In this game, players drive a motorcycle along an endless track full of twists and turns. Get as far as possible and earn coins to buy upgrades. 

How to play Moto Boss

This game is a variation of Drift Boss featuring motorcycle. In this game, players can customize the racer and bike skins in the Customize menu. Once you've completed customizing your character, you can join the race. Steer the motorcycle to the right or left and try not to fall off the platform. The tracks are full of twists and turns that require players to act quickly. Coins are also placed along the way. Collect them to purchase upgrades and unlock new vehicles. 

Try to go as far as you can to get a high score and earn more coins. 

There are different boosters that you can choose before the race. You can buy multiple boosters at the same time. 


  • Double score
  • Extra life
  • Coin rush


Left-click and hold or press the spacebar to move right.

Release to move to the left.

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