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About Black

Become a fearsome black hole in Black to join multiplayer matches. Eat objects and increase the size of the black hole while killing other players.

This game belongs to the multiplayer genre. On our website, you can also see some other multiplayer games like and If you want to play single-player games, our website will be also available. You can play Snowy Road and Drift Boss to enjoy your free time.

How to play the Black game

In the online Black game, you transform into a black hole searching for items from the entire city to swallow. You will start out as a small black hole, and your job will be to maneuver it across the city and eat everything in its path in order to grow. From there, you can devour a greater volume of items. There are a lot of other black holes in the city that are in competition with you. You can compete with other players by suckling your foe's black hole.

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