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About Granny

Horror game Granny gives you an extremely thrilling experience when you get lost in a haunted house. Try to find a way to get rid of the ghost of the old woman.

The Granny game is captured in a whole adventure story. During an expedition in the forest, you accidentally got lost in an abandoned house. Do you know what's going to happen? This is a haunted house. You will be hunted by the ghost of the old woman because you trespassed on her whereabouts. The brain is an evil ghost. She holds a big stick and tries her best to kill you. Are you brave enough to take on this scary challenge at the Granny game? Start the Granny game to see how brave you are!

To succeed at the Granny game, you must know specific strategies. The ghost is not very intelligent, despite having excellent hearing and incredible strength. While it is possible to flee immediately after her, you must take care to avoid running into her line of sight. If Granny notices you escaping and going into hiding, she won't ignore you. In addition, if you need a lot of time to finish something, you can utilize techniques to divert the elderly woman. the place. You can enter her room by making noises. Then you will immediately run through the window to the next room. Besides Granny, there is another horror challenge waiting for you at the Backroom Game.

How to play

To move, press WASD. To crouch or stand, press the C key. R key to revealing or conceal. E is the pickup or interaction key. The spacebar can be used to drop something. To place, use, or remove bear traps, press the F key. To shoot or spray, click the left mouse button.

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