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Moto x3m


Moto X3M - Thrilling Sports Bike Races

Moto X3M is a challenging obstacle-filled bike racing game. There are 22 levels in all. Each presents a unique challenge and allows you to execute crazy feats.

Welcome to the world of super racing! This game will take you to a completely different racing world than the previous games. First, you no longer race against cars like in the Drift Boss game. You also don't drive on ordinary roads. Instead, you will control a motorcycle with a large displacement to overcome different terrains. This car is super cool for you to take on challenges. With a helmet and protective suit, you can confidently cross any road in this game. Start this game now to enjoy thrilling adventures with your character!

In addition, this game has extremely impressive graphics. These game images are taken care of each draw line. This helps you to enjoy the best scenery. Not only that, this game becomes even more impressive with street-style images. Your character is like on a backpacking trip but encounters challenges.

Bike Shop

The Moto X3M game offers you 3 different bikes with different characters. You can go to the Bike Shop section to track this. Click on the bike icon at the top right of the screen to activate.

  • The first bike is the default bike. In the car, there is a character with a brilliant orange protective suit. The bike has been designed with a simple style but still shows the level of the player.
  • The second bike is the Ninja bike. The character using this car wears a black ninja outfit with a head scarf. This ninja looks very mysterious. It will help you have thrilling adventures with ultimate somersaults. This ninja bike is priced at 15 stars.
  • The third bike is the Fire Bike. You will see a person wearing a cool leather suit using this bike. However, his head was a burning skull. The black leather suit combined with the brilliant red-orange color of the fire made a strong impression on the players. This bike is priced at 40 stars.

How to play the Moto X3M game

There are more than 22 different levels in the Moto X3M game. Each level will give you a different experience. In particular, each game has its own map. Challenges will always be waiting for you.

Control your bike and avoid obstacles. You complete a level after reaching the destination. However, it is not easy to reach the destination. There are many obstacles along the way. You can face giant spiked wheels or deadly traps along the way. You need to avoid such obstacles. Sometimes you will have to jump over them. Sometimes you will have to go across them slowly. Each obstacle has its own way of handling. Use appropriate measures to safely overcome obstacles.

During the run, you will reach checkpoints. These points will store your driving history. If you die, you will start from the nearest checkpoint.

How to control

  • Press the up arrow key to accelerate.
  • Balance your bike with the left and right arrow keys.
  • Break by pressing the down arrow key.

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