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Drift Boss 2


About Drift Boss 2

Join the exciting drift race in the game Drift Boss 2! You will participate in a race with completely new and unique gameplay with a track full of turns.

Drif Boss 2 is the next version of the game Drift Boss. Here you will experience a difficult and challenging racetrack. Are you confident in your ability to control your car? There are many difficult turns waiting for you at this racetrack in the air. If you do not do a good job of steering at turns, you will fall off the track at any time. This game is a tough challenge for drifting beginners. However, you need to worry about this, you can practice to improve your driving skills.

How to play

You can control your car to turn left by holding down the left mouse button. Then you release the mouse to make your car turn right.


In the game Drift Boss 2 you need to really concentrate to keep your car always on this road. Try to turn the steering wheel at the right time so your car doesn't drift out of the racetrack.

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