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Runner - One Of The Best Running Games

Runner is a great speed game most loved today. Here you will play the role of an alien who is finding his way back to his planet. He got lost in a space tunnel and the only way to clear his throat was to run forward. What do you think of a race in an endless space tunnel full of deadly holes? This is not easy as you can fall out at any time and lose Get started now! Your mission is to run for your own life to get out of this tunnel and return to your planet. Try to run as fast and survive.

Are you ready to join the race with aliens? These races not only bring you entertainment but also help you increase your reflexes. By participating in this game, you are immersed in the world of adventure where you can go on adventurous trips. You don't have to worry about too many other things around. You just need to be concerned about this beautiful journey. All pressure is pushed back with each step you take.

Besides, quick reflexes are something that you can improve after playing this game. Long distances with various difficulties will require you to have reflexes. You need to react quickly every time you see obstacles or danger. If you can't do that, your journey will soon be over. You don't surely want that to happen, do you? Practice this skill with this entertaining game now!


  • Fun endless space running game.
  • Fast-paced game.
  • Addictive game.
  • Time-killing game for everyone.
  • There are many levels to play with increasing difficulty.
  • Cute alien character graphics.
  • Playful realistic sounds.

How to play this runner game

This game has straightforward gameplay. You just need to control your character to overcome the obstacles and run as far as possible. Your character can jump and move left and right. You should react quickly to dangers and decide what action to take. Sometimes you need to combine jumping with side-to-side moves. This happens when there is no secure platform ahead of you. The platform is very important in this running game. You need to jump from platform to platform to move forward. However, the platform-designed paths are not the same as in the Drift Boss game. The platform in the Drift Boss game is a straight platform. In this game, the platforms will form a tunnel. Moreover, there are space pits between the platforms. You need to avoid these pits if you don't want to fall into space. If you fall into space, the game will be over.

How to control

  • Use arrow keys to rotate.
  • Use SPACEBAR to jump.

Game Modes in the Runner game

This game is designed for single-player as opposed to the Runner Multiplayer game. However, this game has the added bonus of having two game modes: Adventure and Infinite. You can enjoy endless races in Infinite Mode. Adventure mode will give you races with many different levels.

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