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Slope Run


Slope Run - Explore Mystic Planets

Slope Run is a superb running adventure and arcade game. In this game, your mission is to run, overcome platforms, and avoid falling into the galaxy.

In this game, you will have the opportunity to participate in exciting races with a ball. The races of the ball continued to take place. Legend has it that there are tunnels leading to mysterious planets. These planets will hide priceless mysteries and give the discoverer considerable power. Many adventurers participated in this race. However, no one has been able to find a destination in the world of Slope Run yet. Can you be the first to find this secret? Let's start the game to show off your exploration!

This slope game is inspired by Run 3, where you become an alien to explore the tunnels. Instead of becoming the alien, you will become a ball with the ability to jump and move sideways. Transform yourself into a brave ball and go on an amazing adventure!

How to play the Slope Run game

Like cars in the Drift Boss game, your ball also will automatically run and your task is to control the direction of the ball. You can easily control the ball by using arrow keys. Use the up arrow to jump and the left and right arrow keys to move sideways. When moving, you need to make sure your ball can jump from platform to platform and avoid falling into endless space. If you slide and fall into space, the game is over.

Level and Infinite Modes

You can play in Level mode or Infinite mode. In Level mode, the further you run, the higher your level. Each level has its own map and challenge. In particular, you can explore branches in the minimap. Each branch will take you to a separate running world like Winter Branch and Dark Branch. The infinite mode will give you an endless race. Try to run as far as possible and get the highest score. Do you put your name on the honor leaderboards? Challenge yourself in this game!

Challenges in this running game

Your first challenge is platforms. Your tracks are platforms. These platforms form tunnels. However, the platforms will not be concatenated. They will create tunnels with holes. If you move into these holes, you will fall into space. Besides, the area of ​​the holes is also diverse. Many levels have a larger hole area than the platforms.

The second challenge is speed. The speed of the game is constant. However, it is fast from the start. You need to get used to the speed of the ball before you can progress to other challenges.

This game will give you a series of challenges. Challenges happen in a row. They even happen at the same time. Only talented players can overcome these challenges. However, no one is born with talent, you can practice being a talented person. Practice this game through each level and pass all the challenges.

How to control

Press the up arrow key to jump

Press the right and left arrow keys to move to the two sides.

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