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Water Race 3D


Water Race 3D - Slide Water In The 3D World

Water Race 3D is an exciting water slide game where you glide down a giant water slide. Do you love water skis? This game is great to play in the summer. But don't worry, To satisfy this hobby you can play water skating games on our website. I am sure you will have a great time playing the game.

This game will take you to an endless water slide world. The endpoint of this water slide game is still unexplored. This game is like the Drift Boss game. You will move on endless roads to explore the magical world of drift. Although it is considered endless, this is not certainly true. Who knows? May you find the end of these two games? If you can do it, you will be the record holder in this game.

This game starts with you controlling a red stickman. He is sliding with a board. Move your character to go as far as possible. The farther you run, the higher your score. Endless waterslides one after another. However, you will face many difficulties and challenges in this game

How to control: Slide your mouse to move.

Challenges in the Water Race 3D game

The first challenge is the speed the stickman uses. He skates on the skateboard at a very fast speed. You have to quickly adapt to his speed. Speed ​​will only increase, not decrease. In addition, you also face challenging waterslides. The waterslides only come in one size. That water slide is only the width of a skateboard. Therefore, you must move very carefully if you do not want to deviate from the water slide. These waterslides are also arranged in various locations. When jumping from one water slide to another, it is easy to slide out.

Moreover, you also need to be careful with the jump pads. These jump pads are round in shape. There are two colors: green and blue. Blue jump pads are safe. You can jump on them to continue making the next jump to another water slide. In contrast, green jump pads are extremely dangerous. When you jump on these jump pads, they will collapse. The game will end. Note that there are some jump pads with speed boosters. These boosters will help you jump higher and farther to reach the waterslides in the distance. Take advantage of these items for an exciting adventure with the Water Race 3D game!

Tips for playing the Water Race 3D game

Try to slide as far as you can while collecting as many points as possible. There are many obstacles on the way that you will definitely have to avoid, otherwise, you will be thrown out of the slide and have to start the game again. Sometimes an extra water slide appears on the screen. There is a gap between these two waterslides, so if you want to jump to the other slide, you will have to hop onto a small island in the middle.

Slide down the waterslide on the skate this water slide is very narrow because you avoid falling off the edge.

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