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Monkey Mart


About Monkey Mart


Monkey Mart offers an attractive arcade game that you can enjoy with a monkey character. You must expand your business scale by earning a lot of money.

If you are passionate about business and sales, you do not miss this game. The game is highly attractive with many food shelves. You sell them to get as much money as possible. To have many shelves, you must harvest agricultural products in your area. Let's start with the bananas. They are the most popular products in the mart. So, let’s sell ​​them and then you will have a lot of money. Next, you can plant corn. Corn can use to produce some other food such as popcorn. Besides, you can use them to grow up cows and chickens. As a result, you will have a lot of eggs and milk bottles to sell. The more foods you sell, the more money you earn. Try your best to become rich. Good luck!

How to control

  • Use the arrow keys and left mouse to control.

Some tips to get more money in Monkey Mart

Hire other monkeys

When you expanded your mart scale, you will do a lot of work. Therefore, you may not finish all tasks, such as cashier, harvesting, shipping items to shelves, etc. To ensure your mart develops, you should hire more staffs who are monkeys to help you. They will manage the mart and do everything as employees. Use your money to hire them.

Upgrade your character

To avoid overload, you must boost your character. You can upgrade the speed, stamina, and stack level. As a result, your character and his employee can finish all tasks as soon as possible.

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