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Noob vs Pro Challenge

About Noob vs Pro Challenge

Noob vs Pro Challenge is a thrilling action shooting game. Your mission is to fight the zombies in the house and collect gold coins.

Are you ready to accompany Noob in the war with zombies? Will you help Nood kill all the scary zombies and protect his house in the game Noob vs Pro Challenge? I believe you can do it. Noob is very worried because the zombies are very crowded and constantly approaching him. They came and attacked his base. He needs your help in this fight. The only thing he can use to kill the zombies is a pre-equipped gun. A great gunfight is completely different from the challenges at Wordle and Stickman Bike Rider game. Try to use all the skills of a good sniper in the game Noob vs Pro Challenge to protect your house.

In the game Noob vs Pro Challenge, your mission is to command the player as they wander around the house looking for zombies and using weapons to kill them. Don't approach zombies. If you are attacked directly, you will bleed to death. To kill all zombies without running out of health, use skills judiciously. Explore chests to find new weaponry. The hazardous traps in the house should be to save any little animals trapped within. Don't forget to collect as many gold coins as you can.

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