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Vex 6


Vex 6 - Non-stop Running Adventures Of A Stickman

Vex 6 is the new version of the stickman platform game series. Past through across side-scrolling maps, avoid dangerous contraptions. Play Vex 6 online now!

Fans of online games will not be unfamiliar with the games of the Vex game series. This is one of the most famous game series in the running game genre. Coming to this game, you can participate in exciting adventures with stickman characters. It's like the thrilling journeys of this character in the Stickman Race 3D game. These adventures span many volumes. Now, it has launched this 6th version. Let's look forward to the new things that the Agame developer brings to players in this version! This game will bring you a lot of fun not inferior to the Drift Boss game which is one of the most popular running games today.

Similarities between Vex 6 and previous Vex versions

The first similarity between the versions is the main character. This is something that has always remained the same. The main character is always a stickman. A black character has a small but brave body. He has overcome countless challenges with previous Vex versions. He ran non-stop to reach success. Let's continue with this character to experience and discover more adventures!

Moreover, the basic rules in this game remain the same. You still have to control your character to overcome the challenges and reach the finish line. When you reach the finish line, you will have completed 1 act. There are 10 acts. Complete these 10 acts to receive prizes and unlock challenging levels. By completing challenging levels, you will receive hardcore prizes. This is the most prestigious of all the game's awards. Only talented players can win this prize.

Furthermore, this game still has a bunch of obstacles like holes, spikes, spiked wheels, or barriers. These obstacles block your way. Let's overcome them to move forward. Besides, you also have to face many different terrains. In order to overcome these terrains, you need to use various skills such as jumping, swimming, climbing, and sliding. Skills are very important in helping you complete acts. Although you face many challenges, you are supported by blocks in the game. For example, orange blocks help you jump high automatically or blue blocks help you move up or move down. However, you should be aware of the purple blocks that will collapse after you touch them.

Differences between Vex 6 and previous Vex versions

The first thing is definitely the name of the game. Not Vex 3, or Vex 4. This game is Vex 6. A game that has gone through 6 different versions.

Second, you can collect coins during the run. This is the innovation point that the new developer added. These coins will help you spin to get skins. Wow! Another new point! If you've played this game since the Vex 3 days, you'll know that this game only has a single skin. However, in this 6th version, you can unlock many different skins. There are 64 skins in the Vex 6. They are very diverse in design. You are free to experience it.

In addition, you can participate in daily bonus stages and daily tasks for additional rewards. However, you will need to wait a while for these sections to open.

How to control

  • AD or left/right arrow to move
  • W or up arrow to jump
  • S or down arrow to crouch (enter an act)

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