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Drift F1


Drift F1 - Challenges for Great Racers

Play Drift F1 to participate in platform-overcoming races. Reach the finish line to complete a level. Collect as many coins as possible to gain a high score!

Join the amazing Drift F1 race now! If you are a fan is a crazy racing game then this is a game totally for you! This is the hottest new game on our site! It is similar to Drift Boss but there are more levels and more new things waiting for you to discover.

By participating in this game, you have the opportunity to experience exciting races alone. Although this game is designed for a single-player, you will still have great relaxing moments with the gameplay, graphics, and sound of the game. In particular, this game is dubbed for excellent racers to show their ultimate driving talent. Start learning about the unique elements of this game now to find out why!

The gameplay of Drift F1

This game has the same gameplay as the original game. You just need to control your big car to overcome difficult roads. Hit the finish line to win. On the way, you don't have to face obstacles. However, you will have to resist speeds, timings, and platforms. In this game, the roads are the platforms. Each platform has a different shape and size. You can see platforms four times the size of cars. You can also see platforms as wide as a car. In order to pass these platforms, you need to time them correctly. The level will end if you make any mistake. Besides, your car will automatically move. You need to redirect the car. However, it has inertia and the car will slide into the turn zone. You need to be careful and turn before reaching the corner. If you get to the corner and then make the turn, your car is easy to slide into space.

Note that this track is extremely difficult for you because there are many bends and small tracks. If you do not focus on controlling your vehicle, you will be whipped out and cannot pass their level to move to a new, more challenging level. Don't wait any longer, start this exciting race and show your racing skills. Conquer all levels in this fun game! Besides that, you can try Drift 3 to challenge yourself with multiplayer races. This game has the same gameplay as the Drift F1 game, but it becomes more intense because of the competition.

Graphics and sounds of this driving game

This game has no complicated graphics and sounds. You can see straightforward images. Plaid platforms are always available in this game. They are decorated with different colors. Despite being simple, these games are also very eye-catching. After playing this entertaining game, you definitely can't forget the images of colorful platforms with many colors from pink, purple green, and blue.

In addition, game sounds are indispensable. It makes the game more alive and exciting. For this driving game, you can hear the sound of the car sliding and the sound of collecting coins. These sounds are realistic and make you want to control this car forever.

Features of Drift F1

  • Addictive racing game.
  • Multi-level racing game.
  • Beautiful graphics.
  • Fun sounds suitable for a thrilling race.
  • The way to control the car in this game is very easy so it is suitable for everyone.

How to control: Left-click to redirect your car.

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