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Traffic Jam 3D


Traffic Jam 3D - Driving Through Heavy Traffic To Win

Traffic Jam 3D is an attractive car driving game. Your objective is to control your car to avoid other vehicles in traffic jams and reach the finish line.

Use arrow keys or WASD keys to control your car. Navigate your car to avoid colliding with other vehicles. On the way, you have countless other means of transportation. You're trying to get to the office on time, but you're running into a traffic jam. What will you do to come to the company? Be late for work or make your way through traffic-filled streets to get to the office on time.

The game will be full of challenges because of the number of vehicles on the way. In this game, you need to drive to the finish line in the allotted time. You are limited in terms of time to complete a level. At each level, you will experience challenges with different maps. Besides, the background in the levels is also different. You will find stunning environments with sunsets in desert cities, and enjoy night views in cities or sunrises in applicable seaports.

Cars and Modes in the Traffic Jam 3D game

To control your car, you need to buy fuel before starting the game. You can increase your performance rating by buying new cars or upgrading your car. Open Garage to buy and upgrade your vehicle using the money which is earned after completing each level. Each car has a different performance. In particular, the factory specs and test specs are also different. These indicators will all affect the speed and endurance of the car. You should learn these indicators carefully before using that car to have an interesting game.

Moreover, there are 4 modes for you to select: Career, Infinite, Time Against, and Free. Each mode has unique rules. Play each mode to explore! Besides that, you can try the Four In A Row game to enjoy a new game with interesting gameplay.

Features of Traffic Jam 3D

  • The addictive and exciting driving adventure game
  • Various levels with beautiful landscapes and backgrounds
  • Buy or upgrade your car to increase your performance
  • How to control: Use WASD or arrow keys to steer your car.

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