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Introducing the game Pou

Pou is a pet game that you cannot ignore. You are taking care of a cute character named Pou. Try to cheer up Pou and complete the challenge every day! This game has a lot of entertaining minigames. Your animals will be cared for by feeding, bathing, and entertaining them. Pou can also be adjusted to your preference. You will be given daily activities to complete to earn more experience points (XP). These quests will involve activities like leveling up and dressing Pou.

Things to do

Pou needs to be washed with soap, fed delicious food, and you need to find his wardrobe, which is filled with unusual clothes and accessories. Pou also likes to play games. To keep Pou happy, you can play hill drive, jet Pou, water hop, sky hop, and food drop games. You can go for a walk outside and involve Pou in various games. Just remember to wash off the Pou after a fun day.

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