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Mega Ramp Race


Mega Ramp Race - Racing On Mega Ramps And Terrains

Mega Ramp Race is a racing adventure game. As you race down each ramp, perform incredible feats in your ancient Mustang. You can also perform a variety of tricks. There are multiple planets in the game, each with enough levels to keep you entertained for several hours. This feature is similar to the Drift Boss game to help you enjoy more exciting adventures while driving. You can then spend the money on numerous modifications to your car in the garage, such as changing its color. A fresh new car can also be purchased. Also, at each level, strive to acquire all three stars. Let's get started! There are a lot of options in this game, so let's get started!

Ride your classic automobiles up the ramps and do flips and side-butt boxes while jumping over exploding rockets and train tracks. Is it possible for you to cross the finish line without colliding with your vehicle? In the garage, collect gold coins and points to upgrade your car. Unlock new vehicles, courses, and game modes, such as railroad tracks and police chases.

Prepare to play the ultimate impossible racing automobile on gigantic ramps while overcoming difficult obstacles. For mad racing challengers, it's time for some thrilling and adventurous action. Crazy addictive gameplay with extremely smooth controls. Unlock over 15 difficult levels with impossible tracks.

How to control

  • Use W A S D or Arrow Keys to control your Car.
  • Hold Shift to use Nitrogen.
  • Or use the left mouse button to control the screen buttons.

Buy and upgrade items for your car in the Mega Ramp Race game

After accessing this game, you can start by buying nitro. Nitro is extremely necessary for you in the races. It will help you speed up and complete your tasks more easily. The more coins you have, the more nitro you can buy. You can buy 1 Nitro for 300 coins. In order to buy 10 Nitro in the Mega Ramp Race game, you need 3000 coins. In addition, you can power up the Engine, Exhaust pipe, Tires, Suspension, Paintjob, and Coin magnet. This is different from other racing games. For example, in the F1 Racing game, you can only unlock racing cars. Parts of them are impossible. The innovation of this game will bring you more exciting experiences.

There are 10 different engines. You are equipped with the built-in engine 1. Other engines will ask you to unlock it. You cannot use coins to unlock engines. Instead of coins, you need to unlock engines in the respective arenas. For example, you can unlock engine 9 at arena 8 and engine 10 at arena 9. Each engine has different performance stats. You can know the current power and maximum power of each engine. The higher the engine, the greater the power.

  • Similar to the Engine, there are 10 exhaust pipes. You can unlock them in the respective arena. The stats you can see about them are the effect on the engine and the max effect.
  • Unlock 10 different tires to get different friction. Each arena will allow you to unlock a separate tire. Especially, after unlocking, you can upgrade this part.
  • Suspension helps you to drive better in shock terrain. It helps your car run smoother. Therefore, it is necessary to equip and upgrade the suspension. There are 10 different suspensions.
  • Paintjob will help you to have cars with different looks. Paint your car according to your personality.
  • Coin magnet helps you to attract more coins and get 3 stars for each level. You can buy it with 400 coins.

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