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Grand Extreme Racing

Grand Extreme Racing - Race For Champion

Grand Extreme Racing is a racing sports game for 1 or 2 players. Control your car to compete with other players to reach the destination first to win.

Control your car using arrow keys or WASD keys to move. Press the up arrow key or W key to go forward and press the down arrow key or S key to go backward. You can turn sideways with the left and right arrow keys or the AD keys. You can easily steer your car to participate in exciting races. Your task is to control the vehicle to complete the laps as quickly as possible. You win when you reach the finish line first. However, the laps will challenge you with difficult turns. You must use your skillful driving ability to pass these ramps and avoid colliding with other players or hitting the walls. This will cause your speed to decrease.

Compete to gain victory. Do you want to be a champion? Fight and become one of the leading players! Battles in this action game will be intense as in the Smash Karts game. Start this game now and enjoy an exciting experience!

2 Game Modes in the Grand Extreme Racing game

This game has two modes: Championship and Challenge. Championship mode allows you to compete with other players. The winner is the person who reaches the finish line first after completing the laps. In Challenge mode, you can choose a 1-player mode or a 2-player mode. You can invite friends to participate in exciting races and compete to win. Besides, you can go to the Garage to buy new cars with unique designs. You can also upgrade your car's engines in this section.

Features of Grand Extreme Racing

Thrilling and competitive gameplay

2 game modes for 1 player or 2 players

Cool graphics and art animations

How to control

1P Mode



Restart car position: CHEAP

Look back: BILLION

Change camera view: OLD

2P Mode

Player 1:



Restart car position: O

Look back: P

Change camera view: KY

Player 2:

Move: WASD


Restart car position: CHEAP

Look back: BILLION

Change camera view: OLD

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