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Snow Rider 3D


Snow Riding Adventures In The Snowy Fields

In this game, you will participate in skiing alone. The rules of this game are similar to the Skateboard Master game where you will control your character with a skateboard. However, in this game, you will use a sleigh to explore a large snowy area. The white snow fields are the perfect place for your adventure. Are you ready to experience this trip?

Your task is to control the sleigh to avoid obstacles on the way. If you collide with the obstacles, the race will end. Points will be calculated according to the number of obstacles you can overcome. The further you run, the more points you get. What is your best score? Let's start this game and show your ability! Note that your sleigh has the ability to jump over low obstacles. Besides, remember to collect gift boxes to unlock new sleighs.

Obstacles in the Snow Rider 3D game

In this snowy area, you will face 3 main obstacles: rocks, trees, and snowballs.

  • Rocks come in many different sizes and are placed in many positions. Small rocks allow you to jump over. When facing large rocks, you can only turn to the other side. If you hit the rock, the game is over.
  • The trees in this snowy area are quite large, so you can't jump over them. You can only move to the other side to avoid the collision. However, it is not easy to do because the trees are close to each other.
  • Snowballs don't appear often. However, when they appear, you will face a great challenge. The snowballs usually roll in a row. The distance between the snowballs is different. You can go through the gap between them or jump over the snowballs.

Sleighs in this game

There are 11 sleighs in this game. You own a Toboggan sleigh at the beginning. You can then unlock other sleighs with the gift boxes collected.

List of sleds and the number of gifts needed to unlock them:

  • Metal Sleigh: 50
  • Plastic Sleigh: 50
  • Eskima Sleigh: 50
  • Ancient Sleigh: 50
  • Modern Sleigh: 50
  • Evil Sleigh: 75
  • Round Sleigh: 75
  • Chroma Sleigh: 75
  • Hill Racing Sleigh: 100
  • Santa Sleigh: 200

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