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Money Rush


About Money Rush

A quick reflex game called Money Rush uses coins to make calculations work in your favor. To unlock chain stores and make huge earnings, convert coins to cash.

In the game Money Rush, do you want to win a lot of cash? To increase the number of coins you collect along the way, manipulate the coins into boxes using addition and multiplication. Move away from division and subtraction cells because they will quickly deplete your funds. When two squares are multiplied or added, immediately select the higher number to receive a greater bonus. You must act swiftly to choose the cell with the smaller number so that the number to be subtracted is as small as feasible. At the same time, there will be cells where both cells are undergoing division or subtraction.

You should be aware that at the destination, where the Money Rush game ends, there will be a method to turn coins into cash. More coins will be converted as there are more coins. Unlock stores using redemption coins to generate extra income. You will be amazed by the outcomes you produce here, so keep shopping and develop more new stores. Are you sure you can perform well on every math question in this game? Now is the time to master money!

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