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Experience the feeling of driving a crane truck

BoxRob will definitely bring you a great fun experience with this loading crane. Are you confident that you can control a crane truck? Your task in this game is to control the crane to load the goods onto the truck! It's like a puzzle game. Stacking the box is not easy because you need to put it in the right place. As you come to the next level, the difficulty will increase to test your ability to stack. Try to use your intelligence to win this game. Have fun!

Instructions on how to complete the mission in the game BoxRob

In the game BoxRob, you will experience the feeling of controlling a crane truck and loading containers. You play in the first level to get familiar with the working mechanism of the bridge. To decode and complete the level, you need to be able to adapt and react quickly. Please stack the boxes in order. You have to lift the crate and place it in the marked position to complete the mission.

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