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Supra Drift 3D


Supra Drift 3D - Drift On Your Way

Supra Drift 3D is a great opportunity for you to experience the famous Toyota Supra. This free and endless driving game is sure to keep you entertained.

Do you like to drive and drift? Then Supra Drift 3D is the online game for you. You will be able to enjoy high speed and extreme maneuverability. Choose one of the fashionable machines to serve as its master. Quench your thirst for speed in an online game with stunning graphics.

The Supra Drift 3D game provides you with an opportunity to immerse yourself in the drift world. In this game, you no longer run on roads as platforms in the Drift Boss game. Instead of that, you will run on the city roads. Put yourself in the driver's seat of the iconic Toyota Supra in Supra Drift 3D. The streets are deserted, and the city is your playground. So buckle up, adjust your mirrors, and press the gas pedal. With so many vehicle customization options, are you ready to make your mark on the roads with your one-of-a-kind vehicle?

Design your own car in the Supra Drift 3D

In this game, you can design your own car. Cars are usually designed and manufactured by developers. Then you just need to select and unlock them. This is utility. However, it becomes much more fun when you can choose and design your car according to your taste. This game captures that mentality of the player. Therefore, you can design the car. You need to keep two parts in mind when designing: body kits and color. You can choose 1 of 3 body kits available. Bodykit 1 has an elegant look with light curves. It will be suitable for players who like lightness and sophistication. Bodykit 2 is based on body kits 1 but it has added some new details at the front and rear. A sportier car was born. This Bobykit is suitable for those of you who both like dynamism and elegance. Bodykit 3 is designed with the most personality of the 3 body kits available. The aggressive details are added to create an outstanding super sports car. Choose any body kits you want. They are completely free.

In addition, you can choose from one of the base colors including red, green, blue, orange, yellow, purple, black, or white. Make your car your own color.

How to play this drifting game

After designing your car, you can start driving the supercar right away. You will drive your car in a huge city with many tall buildings. On the road, there are not any other means of transport. You are free to move as you want. Besides, there are grassy areas. This is a great area for drifting. Show off your driving skills and explore this beautiful city!

How to control

  • Use W/Up Arrow Keys to Accelerate.
  • Use S / DOWN ARROW KEY to brake.
  • Use the A / Left Arrow Key to Turn Left.
  • Use D / Right Arrow key to Turn Right.
  • Space - eBrake.
  • Use the G key to Switch slow motion.
  • Use the L key to Turn on the light.
  • Q / E / Z = Indicator / flashing.
  • R - Record the game.
  • P - Play a recorded game.

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