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Run 3

About Run 3


 There's a whole new galaxy out there just waiting to be explored!
 Run 3 is an unending running game in which you must guide your small alien through various obstacles. Run 3 is the third game in the Run series, and it was created by Joseph Cloutier. You'll be dashing and jumping through perilous tunnels in space in this game! The tense action game will take you on a perilous adventure through a prohibited zone. You'll have to keep track of your guy as he runs around worlds that are constantly shifting. To find a safe path, run along the wall.

 You may play Run 3 in two modes: Exploration Mode and Infinite Mode. Select Explore Mode to add more levels to your Galaxy Map. Runners will encounter a variety of new tunnels and regions, as well as the possibility of making new friends along the journey!


  • Keep your jump under control. The higher and longer you jump, the longer you hold the up arrow key. Tap the up arrow to make a tiny jump on platforms with a small gap in the middle. This method can assist you in avoiding striking the target.
  • Look. Concentrate your attention on the platforms directly in front of your character. Make a mental note of all the different sides of the tunnel so you can plan your next jumps. This will aid you in figuring out how to turn the tunnels so that your character has lots of room to run.


  • The new visuals are very amazing.
  • New organic settings are stunning.
  • New difficulties have arisen.
  • Extra superpowers
  • More achievements
  • Each character has its own set of skills.



Runner Multiplayer

Stick Run

Besides running games, you should try to play Drift Boss - a simple drifting game.

Have fun! 


How to play

  • Use arrow keys to run and dash through space tunnels.

  • Use the left and right arrow keys to rotate the world as you move.

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