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Drift 3


Drift 3 - Intense Battles For Multiplayers

Join the Drift 3 multiplayer version drift race now. This is the latest version game of Drift Boss that promises to bring players great experiences.

Right from opening this game, you will see the main menu with 5 different functions. Let's learn these functions together before starting an official match. This will help you to play the game in an ideal environment.

First, you can see the word Player. This is where you can put your in-game name. You need to differentiate your car from other cars. Therefore, give a really unique name based on your name, interests, and personality. After naming, you can still change it to a new name by clicking behind the current name and writing your new name. Second, you can see the Play button. This is the most important button of the game. You can only start the game after pressing this button.

Next, you can see the Settings button. In this section, you can set the volume for music and sound. Besides, tutorial mode settings are also available. The tutorial mode will teach you how to play before starting the official game. If you don't need this mode, turn it off. Then, you can press the Skin button to choose your favorite car. This game offers you free vehicles. Finally, you can play more games. This game will direct you to similar games from the same developer. However, currently, the developer has just released this Drift 3 game, so you cannot access other games. You can play Madalin Cars Multiplayer instead of looking for other games.

Relation between Drift 3 and Drift Boss

Drift 3 is a racing game of the newly released Drift game. Although Drift 3 is inspired by the Drift Boss game, in this version, you will experience entirely new feelings compared to Drift Boss. The challenge and the attraction increase when you have to compete with many other racers in the world. You will participate in challenges with many different players. In previous versions, you could only drift alone. With this improvement, you will step into a more intense path when you have to compete with many great opponents. Winning is not easy but the glory is extremely proud. Compete and win!

Drift 3 is probably the coolest and most exciting racing in drift racing games. A unique race track and eye-catching drifts. Join the race to find the champion. Can you become the best drifting tycoon? This race meets the most professional racers, so winning the championship is very difficult. But don't worry you will make it to this game.

How to play Drift 3

Left click and hold to change the direction of the car. The controls are extremely simple. Steer your car to avoid other cars and run as far as possible. You win when the other players are eliminated. So victory is not only based on you, but also on the level of play of your opponent. If your opponents are newbies, you can win this game more easily. Besides, you can push other players into space. This will help you win faster. However, it is very dangerous to push others. You can fall into the same space as your competitors. You need to time it correctly to stop the push again.

In addition, the curves in this game are not simple either. They appear continuously with high complexity. You can face big and small bends. Drive carefully at every corner!

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