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Stickman Race 3D


Stickman Race 3D - Competitive Races Among Stickmen

Stickman Race 3D is a fun online game in which you race against your opponent on an obstacle-filled track. At the start, three riders will face each other. Try to avoid all of the obstacles and come in second place. Whoever comes in last is out. The next round will be a one-on-one battle. If you win, you will be able to advance to the next level. The controls are very simple; all you have to do is hold down the mouse button and your character will move forward. Experiment with it!

To win the Stickman Race, you must run, jump, race, and perform stunts. Never, ever stop running! Jump and flip over the obstacles, climb the steps, swim in the pool, perform stunts, and make sure you avoid all of the obstacles so you can reach the finish line safely.

While running, you need to pay attention to the movement of obstacles. The obstacles will move continuously. If you collide with an obstacle, it will take some time for you to recover and continue the race. This is both an advantage and a disadvantage for you. You will not end the game immediately after a collision with the obstacles. This is an advantage. In other games like the Drift Boss game, you will have to stop the game immediately if you collide or fall into space. This game does not. However, the disadvantage of this game is that you will waste time. This game is a stickman race. Every second and every minute is precious. If you are only one second behind your opponent, you can also become a loser. So the time to recover from the collision is extremely wasted. It will reduce your chances of winning. So try to avoid collisions!


  • Compete against others to get a true parkour experience.
  • New Run 3D Game with Best 3D Race Game Stickman Race 3D Game 100+ Unique Race Levels Best free running game.

How to control: You use the mouse to control the character.

Comparison between the Stickman Race 3D game and the Vex 3 game

Both of these games have a stickman as the main character. This character will join the running adventure. However, in the Stickman Race 3D game, you participate in races while you will discover different acts through adventures in the Vex 3 game.

Stickman Race 3D is a new 3D race game with Stickman competitors. This game will help you run on the tracks with other players. This feature does not appear in the Vex 3 games. Therefore, this game is considered to be a bit more competitive in terms of competition. However, if you've played both Vex 3 and this stickman game, you'll find Vex 3 more challenging. Acts are always filled with obstacles and dangers. Races with stickman characters are always great. However, not when playing the Stickman Race 3D game, you won't have obstacles or challenges. It's just less than competitor Vex 3.

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