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Color Galaxy

Color Galaxy is a colorful and fun game. In this game, you have to occupy as much area as possible by moving the area with your own color.

Welcome to the amazing game, Color Galaxy! You will discover a pure white world. In the beginning, you and your opponents will be on a mission to color this endless world. The important thing is that you and your competitors will compete with each other because everyone wants this world to be their own and it must have its colors. So this is a very dramatic race because there are many players directly facing each other. Are you confident in your ability to draw and expand your territory? Or start the amazing game now to enjoy a fun game!

In this game, your goal is to drive around and back in order to build up your territory patch by patch. Choosing your own colors will help you find your signature look. Utilize a special base-building technique to create powerful, stunning hues that rule the world.


  • You can penetrate a player's line when they have an unconnected line and are outside of their territory in order to eliminate them! To take control of a player's field, loop through it.
  • Purchase amazing brand-new automobiles to use in the arena. Create fills that are unique to you to mark your territory with vibrant and patterned designs. In the store, you may also buy stickers, items for events, and other distinctive goods.
  • Gain new goodies by completing daily quests and gathering gold from each game. You move closer to the grand prize every day you come back to play Color Galaxy.

How to play

Use the mouse to create the color lines as you like.

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