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Super Monster Run

About Super Monster Run

Join the game Super Monster Run now to enjoy the thrill of adventure. Let's run forward to collect as many Pokemon for the upcoming battle!

Enjoy this enjoyable action game, adventure in the best Pokemon style with Super Monster Run, and catch as many Pokemon as you can to begin the most epic battles and raise your level after each playthrough. As you can tell from the design of the human and monster characters, Super Monster Run is a super casual 3D runner game that was heavily influenced by games like Pokemon. We have no doubt that you will love this game as much as the administrative team did.

In the entertaining video game Super Monster Run, you must catch monsters and raise their levels so they can battle other trainers' monsters. Be the best and the strongest! As you advance through the levels, the difficulty will increase while the fun will also increase, so try to collect as many coins as you can. With them, you can buy awesome upgrades between levels as well as new skins.

How to play

Left arrow key or A will move you left. D or right arrow key Equals right movement. Action = E. Left-clicking causes the game's UI to be accessed.

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