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18 Wheeler Driving Sim

About 18 Wheeler Driving Sim


 18 Wheeler Driving Sim is an addictive driving game published by Steer your truck to the finish line and avoid harming your freight.

 Have you ever driven an 18-wheeler truck? Do you know how difficult and stressful it is to control such a huge vehicle? Gain an 18-wheeler through the hills and mountains. Moreover, you can enjoy many different levels. Each level will give you a unique challenge. In particular, the graphics in this game are also great. It can change over time from morning to night. This is a great entertainment game for you to show off your driving skills.


 In this game, you will control an 18-wheeler truck. This truck carries goods. Your task is to drive this vehicle to the destination. Besides, you need to ensure the safety of as many goods as possible. When you successfully ship the item, you will receive some money. The more goods, the larger the amount. In order to control your truck, you just need to use the arrow keys to move and the spacebar to brake. It is easy to control. However, it is challenging to complete the game. You will have to control an 18-wheeler truck. That car is both long and powerful. It is challenging to control it avoiding obstacles. In addition, you need to overcome difficult terrain. The hills with rough terrain are always waiting for you ahead.

 This game was released in July 2022 by It is suitable for both PC and mobile.


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