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2 Player Moto Racing

2 Player Moto Racing - Battles Among Motorbikes

2 Player Moto Racing is a thrilling adventure game to race and competes with other players. Try to reach the finish line first to complete the level.

If you are a fan of high-speed racing games, this game will be ideal for you to experience and enjoy. This game will provide you with a great environment to express your racing skills with various maps and tracks. Each map has unique tracks and challenges to overcome. You have to control your motor carefully to ensure that you can complete the level.

1 Player and 2 Player Modes Of This Game

You have to compete with other riders. You can play in 1-player mode to improve your driving skills or invite your friends in 2 players mode.

You can experience 10 challenging levels in 1P mode. Each level has its own challenges. In particular, you can choose the difficulty level. There are three difficulty levels for you: easy, medium, and hard. If you are a new player, you should start with easy mode. Then, you can raise your level to medium and hard after you master all the skills to ride the moto in this game. In addition, you can unlock new motorbikes to run faster. This will increase your win rate.

In 2P mode, you can experience the same challenges as the game where you fight multiplayer by car. Each mode has distinct excitement and entertainment. Try to finish the level and receive money. Use this money to unlock new skins for your character. Moreover, you can kick your opponents to exterminate them.

Features of 2-Player Moto Racing

  • The thrilling racing arcade game
  • Level up
  • Cool graphics and effects

How to control

Player 1:

  • SFED to drive and steer
  • Shift for nitro
  • WA to kick other players
  • C to respawn

Player 2:

  • Arrow keys to drive and steer
  • Space for nitro
  • NM to kick other players

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