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Ace Drift


Ace Drift - Drift Through Tough Roads

Ace Drift is an amazing racing game to transform into a policeman patrolling in a cool police car. Drift and collect coins on your way to unlocking new cars.

Welcome to the Ace Drift game! Have you ever watched the famous cartoon D. Ace Drift? This game is inspired by that movie. You are required to use a drift to pass all the turns and reach the finish line at each level. Have fun unlocking the cars you like in the garage and have fun playing Ace Drift!

This game promises to give you great races with your vehicles. After you get into this game, you will have the opportunity to unlock various vehicles. There are 9 cars in the Ace Drift game. Each car has its own price. They are designed with unique looks.

First, you cannot ignore the default car. This is a free car with a simple design. The main color of this car is white and black. It has straight and hard lines. Second, our races will be much more brilliant with Car 2. This is a green car with a modern design. The rear of the car is the highlight of this car. It costs 20 coins. Car 3 with classic style costs 40 coins. Unlock the sports car, Car 4 for 60 coins. This car has the strong and powerful style of modern super sports cars. Other vehicles will cost more. The most expensive car in Ace Drift is Car 9 for 160 coins. It is designed like real-life supercars. With its vibrant red color, this car will make you stand out on every road. Besides, you can unlock these cars by watching ads.

How to play the Ace Drift game

After you start the official game, you will participate in the race to complete the mission. You have to control your car to overcome the dangerous roads and reach the destination. There are coins along the way. Try to collect as many coins as possible. Use coins to unlock different cars. After reaching the destination, you can proceed to the next level with the new map. This game does not have endless race tracks like in the Drift Boss game. This game is divided into many different levels. Each level has a different map. You will always enjoy exciting and new feelings when participating in races in this driving game. This game also does not have the ability to fly like in the Flying Car Simulator 3D game. However, you have the ability to super drift. In particular, the roads in this game are designed with arcs. You can show off your driving skills and perform beautiful drifts and stunts.

Note that you need to avoid crashing into the edges of the road. If you crash into them, you will have to restart that level.

How to control: Use arrow keys to control your car.

Tips for playing this driving game

Enjoy this entertaining online driving game to become a trump card Drive your car to perfection in order to complete each difficulty level. Shift gears and gain a lot of bonus points by collecting all of the stars. At each level, you must employ drift to pass all of the turns and reach the finish line. Enjoy unlocking your favorite cars in the garage and playing Ace Drift!

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