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Alien Jump

About Alien Jump

Alien Jump is a game that was developed by the developers of the popular game, Angry Birds. The game is about aliens who are trying to overcome obstacles to come back home. Help them. Can you help this alien who needs to jump across this dangerous area to get back to his planet but is having trouble doing so because it's so difficult?

How to play Alien Jump

The basic idea behind this game is very simple. Transform into an alien and start adventures. It requires you to tap on an alien or anywhere on the screen to make him jump. Jump to overcome obstacles. Touching these objects means dying.

Besides that, you also need to avoid falling into holes. If it happens, this game will end. You can collect balls to increase your points. How many points can you gain? This game is endless like Geo Jump, The Spotlight, and Drift Boss. Therefore, try to run as far as possible.

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