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Apple Worm


Apple Worm is a beloved puzzle game. You will discover a new world when you accompany the green worm to overcome the difficult puzzles on the game screen.

Do you like puzzle games? If you are in need of a new and fun puzzle game, join Apple Worm now. . This green worm really needs your help right now. Looking at the worm, it seems that he is very helpless with the question posed. He can't get over it on his own because he's so sleepy? Looking into his eyes, he looked like he wanted to return. The situation is really sad but looking at him is very funny.

What do you need to do to help this green worm find the door? The only thing you can do is use your wits and help him. A maze is created. In it, the worm's task is to eat the red apple and at the same time can proceed to the door. However, this is not easy. In later stages, the maze is created more difficult. You need time to think and find the right path for your worm. You will need to try several times. But don't worry you can try more than once with the back button on the screen.

 Features of this game

  • Apple Worm is an amazingly addictive puzzle game
  • Apple Worm has unique and funny graphics. Especially the image of the blue worm looks stupid.
  • Puzzle game with many levels and tough puzzles waiting for you to conquer
  • Useful puzzle game for effective brain training

How to play

Use the arrow keys to control the direction of the worm's movement.

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