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Ball Racer

Ball Racer - Battles For Masterful Players

Ball Racer is a fun 3D arcade game most loved by many people today. The ball rolls on the track and collects stars. It's very difficult, good luck with your record here!

Why is Ball Racer so popular? With art animation super unique creative colorful game. In this fun game, The ball you control will automatically roll forward at a relatively fast speed and all you need to do is control the ball at the bends. You need to change direction so that the ball moves on the right track. In fact, the only thing you have to care about is the right move at the right time to keep it on track. You can collect yellow stars on the track to buy balls with different beautiful skins.

The gameplay of this game is relatively similar to the Drift Boss game and the Drift F1 game. You just need to change the direction of the character's movement. However, the theme between them is different. In this driving game, you will control a ball instead of a car. All these games will bring you wonderful experiences with thrilling adventures!

Tips to play the Ball Racer game

  • You need to control the speed of the ball. This will take some time for you to get used to. Changing the direction of the ball needs relative accuracy because if it is only a little faster or slower, the ball will be deflected out of the track and fall down. This means you stop the race and get that score.
  • Try to collect as many stars as possible. Because you can use it to exchange for other beautiful balls.
  • Unbelievable records were set. And can you destroy them? Good luck!

How to control: Hold down the mouse to change the direction of your ball.

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