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Beach Crazy


About Beach Crazy

Play Beach Crazy and experience the feeling of racing on the sand. You have to control your car to complete the missions and pass the level.

If you have ever had fiery races on the ground with Drift Boss Math Playground, do not hesitate to try Beach Crazy. This is a fun game, where you will be doing races on the sand. You need to control your car destroy everything and complete the mission.

Features of Beach Crazy

  • Drive the car on the sand
  • Destroy everything
  • Earn money to buy new vehicles

Choose your favorite car

Destroy a lot of things on your way to collect money and upgrade vehicles. The game has designed 6 unique vehicles that you can choose from. Buggy is the default car, which the game makes available to you when playing the game. To play with other cars, you need to pay money to own them.

  • Bug: 350,000$
  • Truck: 500,000$
  • Pedalo: 200,000$
  • Jetski: 400,000$
  • Boat: 600,000$

How to play

In each game, you will have 3 turns. You need to control your car on the sand of the Sahara desert. You can destroy everything that appears in your path. This action will make you collect money and upgrade your vehicle. You need to complete the missions to pass the level. The mission is to collect the wheels in three colors: blue, red, and yellow. In each type of wheel, you need to collect 3 pieces. When you collect all 3 of each type, you pass the level.

Every time you start a game, the game will also give you a mini-map. This map has redefined the position of each wheel for you to collect easily. Pay attention to this map to pass the game as fast as possible.

How to control

  • Use X to accelerate.
  • Use the up arrow to move up.

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