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In, you will control your character to move around the map to collect items and food to grow as fast as possible. Fight with other players to survive as long as you can.

After, this game is the next multiplayer fighting game. The standout feature of these games is direct combat with other players. You will face more interesting situations and can improve your fighting ability. If you are bored with multiplayer games, you can try single-player games such as Friday Night Funkin' and Drift Boss.

Special skills in

Each player has a unique skill that they can use once every 15 seconds while playing.

  • Invisible skill will temporarily increase your player's speed.
  • Magneto skill will attack other players within his range.
  • Slash skill will shoot other players.
  • Slower skill will slow down other players within range
  • Teleport skill will move the player to a different location on the map.
  • Speedo skill will temporarily increase your player's speed.
  • Pusher skill will push other players away.

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