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Blocky Driver Cars Demolition

Fight With Cars In The Blocky Driver Cars Demolition Battlefield

Welcome to the intense battles in the Blocky Driver Cars Demolition! Coming to this game, you will participate in the wars using battle cars. Your cars will be equipped with armor. Will you be able to break the previous records that other players have achieved? Can you conquer and become the king of the battlefields in this game? Let's start the game and enjoy it now!

This game is not similar to the usual car-themed games. For example, you will drive cars to overcome dangerous platforms in the Drift Boss Unblocked game. In games like this game, you mainly need to control your car. However, in the new Blocky Driver Cars Demolition game on our website, your car becomes a combat vehicle. These vehicles are always capable of terrifying combat. Challenge yourself with this new gameplay!

How to play the Blocky Driver Cars Demolition game

In this game, you have to control your car to participate in battles alone. Outside your car, there are spikes and armor. Use them to crash into other players and destroy them. After 1 opponent is destroyed, you can get closer to victory. There are many different levels. Each level requires you to destroy a different number of enemies. After completing this required amount, you can proceed to the next level.

Besides, you can also take advantage of the items on the battlefield to destroy your opponents. For example, you can crash into wooden crates near your opponent. The wooden crates will explode and your enemy will also get hurt. There is a health bar above the opponent's head. When this health bar runs out, your opponent will die. Note you can also die if your health bar runs out. Be careful! This game is time limited. You need to complete the mission before time runs out.

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