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Brain Trainer


About Brain Trainer

Brain Trainer is a puzzle game with many different topics to make your brain sharper than ever. The game will bring great skills without being boring.

There are many methods to exercise your mind and increase your IQ. Playing mind games is one of these methods. These games keep you mentally healthy as well as boost your intelligence. The game focuses on four areas to train your mind: memory, reaction, logic, and concentration. Eight mini-games are included with Brain Trainer along with Daily Challenges to track your progress. Start working on this thrilling quest!

Are you smart enough to figure out these puzzles? This brainteaser has levels that are harder than the last one! Make an effort to complete the entire brainteaser without using hints. Good fortune! You can play this easy puzzle game at any age. To arrange the tiles into matching triples, swipe them together. Some tiles have hidden jewels underneath them, so you need to plan ahead. A gem will be formed if four identical bricks are stacked together in a straight, angled, or diagonal line. Are you a fan of puzzles? Do you like to calculate your IQ? This is the best puzzle game for you if the answer is YES.

Features of the game

  • An engaging and engaging game with a variety of questions.
  • Detailed, realistic graphics in each puzzle.
  • The game is suitable for all ages.
  • A simple approach to play.
  • Train core skills for the brain.

How to play

  • Use your mouse to work your way through the puzzles.

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