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Bridge Building Puzzles

About Bridge Building Puzzles

Bridge Building Puzzles is a novel and exciting physics game. You can test your engineering brain to build a bridge that can withstand the weight of a truck.

It's time to build your own bridge so that vehicles can travel through safely. Learn how to play by following the interactive tutorial, then attempt to finish all 10 difficult levels. Make an effort to construct a sturdy bridge so that the car can pass the gap without collapsing. More stars will be awarded to you in this entertaining building game the quicker and fewer parts you use.

You will be required to construct a bridge on each level that can support the weight of a large truck driving over it. You have complete freedom in how you construct the bridge. There are anchor points available, allowing you to draw lines between them to form the bridge's actual structure. To discover the strongest construction and enable the vehicle to pass safely, try out various designs. Your bridge will collapse under the weight of the truck if it isn't sturdy enough to withstand it. Good fortune!

How to play

Use mouse to play this game.

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