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Car Chase

Car Chase - Battles Between You And Police

Car Chase is an extremely thrilling car chase game but in blockbuster movies. You are a robber and are on the run from the police. Start the chase right here! This is a situation often seen in dramatic action movies. You can see this situation in the game where you go through fierce battles with other cars.

In the Car Chase game, you directly play the role of a bank robber who is being chased by the police. You don't have much time because the situation is very urgent. If you get caught you will lose your life. Jump in the car and use the escape driving skills of a professional robber. Good luck!

You have a total of 5 cars to use in this heist. But first, you need to collect a lot of money on the way to unlock our supercars one by one. Each car has different stats and you have the right to exchange a suitable car for one if you have enough money. Since you are a dangerous robber, the police follow you closely and try to destroy you by crashing your car. Please pay attention to avoid collision with the police. On the road, there are rocks blocking you. The only way to do that is to dodge them. If you hit them you will die instantly.

This is a very difficult mission indeed. You can no longer drive easily like in the Drift Boss game anymore. Battles won't wait for you to be ready. It will start as soon as you access this game. Can you break the record of the best bandit set in this game? Your score depends on how long you can survive and run away in this game! Space is limited so the best way to hold out is to ride in circles and take unbelievable turns. Join this crazy chase now!


  • The racing game is extremely attractive.
  • Funny and impressive sounds
  • Colorful 3D graphics, there are many car models waiting for you to unlock.
  • 5 awesome cars with different stats.
  • Suitable for all types of players.

How to control: Use arrow keys to control your car.

Necessary skills to gain a high score in the Car Chase game

This driving game is endless. You can drive until you are destroyed. The more police cars you destroy, the more points you get. Try to destroy as many police cars as you can. Besides, while driving, you can also score extra points by performing beautiful drifts or stunts. It will get you more scores. Sometimes, you can get extra points by surviving. Getting points in this game is very easy. Therefore, try to survive as long as possible.

However, if you have some necessary skills, it will help you get more points. For example, the drift skill helps you get extra points. Driving skills will help you master the game. Driving close to rocks and making sudden turns is good practice. The police cars behind could hit the rock and explode. Besides, you can also move in an arc. The police cars chasing you may collide with each other.

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