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Car Eats Car: Volcanic Adventure


Play Car Eats Car: Volcanic Adventure

Car Eats Car: Volcanic Adventure is a running adventure game. Your mission is to control your vehicle on the volcanic topography to reach the finish line.

Welcome to the world of incredible races where you transform into a car to participate in tricky competitions. The cars in this game will not be as ordinary as the cars in other driving games like the Drift Boss game. Coming to this game, you will have the opportunity to drive cars in the shape of a monster. In particular, this game will give you two different cars.

Carvone is a car with 3 wheels and the shape of a scary skeleton. This car is mainly available in red and dark purple. This makes the shape of the car even scarier than ever. The car has two small wheels in the front and one big wheel in the back. You can easily keep your balance when moving uphill. This Carbone car has the following stats: Armor: 100, Turbo: 200, Speed: 100, and Damage: 110.

The turtle has the shape of a turtle but it is red. The mouth opened and closed continuously as if it was always ready to bite another car. It also has 3 wheels including a large rear wheel and two small front wheels. It will also move easily on slopes, which is made up because the main terrain of this game is a volcano where there are many slopes. This Turtle car has the following stats: Armor: 130, Turbo: 200, Speed: 100, and Damage: 120.

These two cars are completely different from the cars in other Car Eats Car versions. However, the number of cars seems to be a bit small. Car Eats Car: Dungeon Adventure version has 20 different cars for you to choose from. This is an extremely large number compared to the two cars in this volcanic version.

How to play this driving game

In this game, you have to overcome or avoid obstacles, traps, and dangers in a volcano to protect your life. Besides that, you also compete with other vehicles. You can eliminate them by crashing them until their blood bar runs out. Moreover, you can collect red diamonds to upgrade your vehicles and bonuses to speed up or get energy. After each level, you have the opportunity to spin the bonus circle to gain an advantage for the next level.

This game includes superb graphics, great art animations, various challenges, and bonuses. Car Eats Car: Volcanic Adventure will bring you wonderful moments to relax and release stress. Have fun!

Features of Car Eats Car: Volcanic Adventure

  • Exciting and competitive game
  • Various challenges and levels
  • Upgrade your vehicles
  • Eye-catching graphics and great effects

How to control

  • Space - Bombs
  • X - Turbo
  • W - Gas
  • S - Brake
  • A, D - Balancing
  • Arrow keys - Gas, Brake, Balancing

Gadgets and Bombs

When it comes to games in the Car Eats Car series, it is impossible not to mention gadgets and bombs that help us to overcome the challenges of the game more easily.


  • Missile Launcher (1000 rubies): This is a completely new gadget compared to previous versions. It integrates a rocket launcher. Fires devastating homing missiles.
  • Magnet (3000 rubies): If you are a fan of the Car Eats Car series, you will be familiar with this item. It creates a magnetic field that attracts rubies.
  • Bomb Replicator (8000 rubies): This is the most earthy item in this version. It was also released in previous versions. Bomb Replicator slowly generates bombs in the stock.


  • Frag Bomb (2000 rubies): basic bomb with a frag to inflict additional damage by frags.
  • Flame Bomb (5000 rubies): high explosive bomb to extend blast area and damage.
  • Cluster Bomb (10,000 rubies): a cluster of HE micro bombs to cover the blast area with bombs.

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