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Cars Driver


Cars Driver - Free Driving Game

Cars Driver is one of the most amazing realistic car games! In this endless racing game, you will experience amazing stunts! You will be exploring an endless world where it's just you and your amazing racing car. This is truly the best feeling of an adventure racing game.

There are all 3 maps corresponding to 3 different locations for you to choose from. It could be a vacant lot, a mountain place, and another location on a highway. What is your mission? It seems that this is an endless game where you do not have to do anything. All you need to do is enjoy and explore our map. There are sections of the road that are designed for flying and flipping. Are you ready to join this amazing game? Get started now Have fun!

In this game, you can enjoy a large space to drive to your liking. There are ramps and loops. You can freely drive to enjoy these unique terrains. You can drive at top speed on open ground. You can jump up the slopes and jump down magically. You can also enjoy magic circles. Try driving into the loops and see if you can navigate following its circular structure. Grasp the steering wheel, step on the accelerator and start moving. You can use nitro to speed up. However, nitro is limited. You need to wait a while for the nitro to recover.

This game has no missions. You can drive freely. This is completely new compared to other driving games like the Drift Boss game. Let this game bring you the most relaxing moments with great graphics and sound. You will not be disappointed by this game!

How to control

  • Arrow keys or WASD keys to drive the car.
  • Spacebar key to handbrake.
  • C key to change the view (camera).
  • Shift key to boosting car.
  • R key to reset the scene.
  • E key to turn on police lights.
  • X key to hide instructions.
  • 123 keys to change the car.
  • Tab key to exit the main menu.

3 Maps and 3 Cars In This Driver Game

The game has 3 different maps. Each map is based on different terrain.

  • Map 1 will take you to a sunny and windy savanna. These are large areas of land surrounded by a fence. There are very few trees growing here. The grass turns yellow because of the sun. You will be interested in the car to enjoy this scene. The terrain is flat which is perfect for driving cars across the entire map.
  • Map 2 is a low hilly area where there are hills and mountains. However, there are not many trees here either. You will only see a hilly area full of green grass. This will be a great place for you to do some great somersaults. Climb up a hill and jump to the next hill. Enjoy the thrill of driving in rough terrain!
  • Map 3 takes you to a large seaport. There are many cargo containers around this area. You can explore the wide streets around this seaport. You can move while looking at the sea in the distance. A sense of relaxation will come in this situation. All fatigue seems to be left behind. Only you and the wonderful sea view remain.

In addition, you can choose one of three cars: Rally, Police, and OldCar. They are not only different in shape and color, but also in function. Each vehicle will be suitable for different terrain. For example, you can use the OldCar to move on map 1 where there are large flat areas. Or you use the Police car to patrol the seaport. That will be very interesting if you know how to use the cars in a suitable way for different terrains.

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