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Crazy Bicycler

About Crazy Bicycler


 Crazy Bicycler is an extremely attractive bike racing game with teammates. You will ride on an air track and overcome unexpected obstacles falling from above. Join this special race now and with your teammates collect new teammates and win the championship.
 Do you like bike racing? This is a great team bike racing game. Your task is to be the captain of the team. You take the lead and have your teammates follow. You need to determine the right path and avoid obstacles. If you hit an obstacle all of your teammates following you will also be hit. This is an extremely dangerous overhead race track. If you move off the track, all players will fall down. Get on the bike show off your amazing bike racing skills and start team racing and win the championship right now!


  • In this game you need to move according to the track. There will be a lot of bends and small sections of road that are easy to fall off.
  • There are giant balls falling from above that can crush you and your teammates. Pay attention to the dark spots on the track and stay away. That vid is the drop point of the giant balls.


How to play

The way to control the player is extremely simple. You use the arrow keys di to control the character in the direction you want!

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